Carpathian Vampire (COMING SOON: Fall 2013)

Carpathian Vampire ...when you've never know love... A Novel by Lumi Laura

Carpathian Vampire …when you’ve never know love… A Novel by Lumi Laura

Carpathian Vampire is a novel set in current day Romania, specifically the mountain village of Sinaia. It will be published Fall 2013.

For updates on Ms Laura, visit her blog. Click here.

Lumi (Luminita) Laura is the author of the recently published eBook of short stories titled Tales of the Carpathian Vampire. She is currently writing a novel titled Carpathian Vampire, which will be published at a later date. She was born somewhere in Romania, probably Victoria but possibly Fagaras. Her parents have no record of birth, and they never seemed concerned about it. She attended public schools until she was to enter high school, but when she didn’t pass the entrance test, they were going to ship her off to a craft school for a couple of years, so she bolted. That was four years ago when she was fifteen. Now she’s on the run and has been since then. Lately, she’s been staying with a gypsy or Roma family, as they are called. Although she doesn’t claim to be, she sometimes wonders if she’s not at least part Roma. She looks Arabic, or at least so she’s told, but she’s not that either.

Being a fugitive is nothing new to her family. Her father killed a man, and they were on the run for two years before the police caught up with him. Now he’s in Codlea Prison for life. Sometimes she believes her life is more interesting than her character’s, but then she’s a vampire, so how cool is that? She’s not sure anyone is actually after her. Her mother has moved since Luminita was last with her. She is not sure where her mother lives now. [Update: Luminita has located her mother in Edinburgh, Scotland. She went to visit her over Christmas, and made some new friends there herself. Her mother has a baby two years old and is pregnant with another.]

She’s been reading and writing in English since she was five. She loves storytelling, and it’s what she does to pass the time. The Roma family picked up a laptop computer for her. She didn’t ask where they got it, and they didn’t say. That was a couple of years ago, and she’s not put it down since. She doesn’t always have an internet connection, and when she does it’s usually slow. On the message boards they always get it wrong: “Luni bin Laura” is what they call her. She’s not very fond of that.

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