Pre-Release Sales of Carpathian Vampire

Cover image for Carpathian Vampire, When You've Never Known Love by Lumi Laura

Cover image for Carpathian Vampire, When You’ve Never Known Love by Lumi Laura

Lumi Laura’s first novel Carpathian Vampire, When You’ve Never Known Love is now available for pre-release sampling (first 12 chapters FREE) and advanced purchase of the digital version at the introductory price of $2.99. Click Here. The complete novel will be published by Tragedy’s Workshop on January 1, 2014. After publication, the introductory price will discontinued and the publisher’s suggested retail price will be $7.99. A paperback version will be available on following publication for the publisher’s suggest retail price of $13.99. A Kindle version will also be available for $7.99.

Lumi Laura is a Romanian author who now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can learn everything about her on her blog:

A trip to grandmother’s house that rapidly becomes a descent into an underworld community of vampires and a frantic rush to save Heaven and Earth. Teenager Alexandra Eidyn never suspected that her annual trip to Grandmother’s house to spend the summer would this time destroy her plans to attend Oxford University in the fall and instead propel her into the World of Vampires and eventually to the gates of Heaven and Hell. On the way, she’d fall in love — something she’d come to think wasn’t even possible for her — with two people, become a fugitive from justice, and be a casualty of the Church to which she’d turned for help. She withdraws into a vampire society she never knew existed but that has been waiting for her the last ninety years, and learns that the Divine World has prophesied of her coming for millennia. All this following her grandmother’s revelation of a family connection to royalty that has been kept secret for generations.

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